Welcome to U+I's Brand Hub

Here you can explore and understand the roots of our brand, and also finding the practical tools you'll need to implement it.

U+I isn't the same as other property companies. When others think in financial quarters, we think in decades. When others think profit first, we think people first as well - because we know that playing to a community's strengths leads to a strong and sustainable business. When others see a challenge that they feel is too complex to take on, we see an opportunity to make something extraordinary happen. By challenging conventions to change the status quo – with better solutions – we leave a legacy to be proud of. This way of thinking has earned us our recognition for creative vision and entrepreneurial flair.

In short, we are different. We stand out. And considering that, our brand and the way we communicate needs to stand out too. We need you to help us to stand out. You'll find more about what we stand (out) for in our brand guidelines. They explain our vision and values as a business as well as the spirit behind the brand. The brand guidelines also contain everything you need to know about the application of our brand.

We encourage you to treat these guidelines as a resource to inspire creativity and make great work. Think of them as a playing field to create and have fun on, rather than handcuffs to be bound by.

Accompanying our brand guidelines are several other handy resources such as our photography and tone of voice guidelines and downloadable logos, icons, fonts and templates.

We're pretty sure this covers most bases but if you have any questions that you feel haven't been addressed, please get in touch and we'll be happy to help.

Lucy Grimble
Head of Communications

Ellie Sharpe
Communications and Marketing Executive